Global solutions

Color&Form offers global solutions in the application of liquid painting and assembly of technical plastic products.

Our desire for innovation and constant improvement allows us to offer technologically advanced and qualitatively excellent solutions.

Color&Form counts on an excellent qualified workforce, a team of professionals specially trained to carry out different painting, mechanization or mechanical and electrical assembly services, either in small or large series.

A good preparation prior to the painting of the piece is essential to ensure an optimum and durable finish. The treatment to be applied varies depending on the type of piece and material we work on.

The facilities of Color&Form are equipped with pressurized cabins for the painting of all kinds of plastic and metallic materials with high quality requirements. Currently more than 40.000 pieces are painted annually.

We have a pressurized cabin of 20 m2 for high quality finishes, and a static drying oven of 20 m2.

We have a team of qualified professionals who have been specifically trained to carry out different machining jobs.

We design and manufacture custom-made tools for every need, in order to guarantee the highest levels of quality.

We have a large assembly area where we make all kinds of assemblies, whether mechanical or electrical / electronic, in order to minimize the handling tasks to our customers.

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